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Thursday, October 6, 2011

CRUK Report – environment for medical research & Simon Denegri's blog

We posted recently about the CRUK report Building the Ideal Environment for Medical Research but without much in the way of comment.

Contrast with Simon Denegri's blog post on the report which makes for interesting reading - the views he expresses chime largely with our own - as we've noted beneath his analysis.

These two paras from the report give you a taste of the content:

"The external policy environment has significant influence on the strength of research. This is particularly relevant in an extremely challenging public funding climate. This report outlines mechanisms for UK governments to demonstrate clear commitments to medical research, and enhance the environment in which it is conducted, enabling [CRUK] to maximise [their ]potential to deliver economic growth as well as ultimately leading to improvements in the health of the nation.

The report draws upon the experience of thirty Cancer Research UK experts, including [their] researchers and in-house professionals with expertise in research funding and strategy, with whom [they] conducted in-depth interviews. [They] considered how the following elements are needed to build a thriving medical research environment: funding; infrastructure; collaboration; investing in people; regulation and governance.”

And this from Simon Denegri summarises our own thoughts!: "I can’t quite get rid of a nagging feeling that it would have been great if it had gone just that little bit further."

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