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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Clinical Practice Research Datalink is finally here - or is it?

The new Clinical Practice Research Datalink about which we have blogged much in the past has finally arrived ( amid a certain amount of fanfare - see this from Pharma Times, this from PMLive and this from GP magazine.

 You may notice that the GPRD pages now redirect to this site and to a certain extent, this is largely a rebranding exercise at the moment. Behind the scenes a team at the DoH are trying to ensure that major data sources are willing and able to engage with this initiative but the speed at which they come online remains to be seen. We'll fill you in further on plans for a researchers data-catalogue interface as this project advances - and if CPRD are not offering that just yet, perhaps the MRC are - we'll get you up to date with the MRC's Data Support Service before the week is out.

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