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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Informal response from the National Cancer Intelligence Network - and Department of Health framework for Cancer Intelligence

We had some informal feedback on our response (we know, it was too long for a blog post!) to the National Cancer Intelligence Network's (NCIN) consultation document yesterday - in passing, a colleague from the NCIN, with no hint of irony! indicated that they had taken three key points from it which were:

  • Skills and experience in eHealth need nurturing in the UK
  • Data quality is the key to driving usage
  • To maintain an awareness of the potential for duplication of effort and spend in their proposals

We also promised you a link to the Department of Health's report An Intelligence Framework for Cancer - published 13th December 2011: "High quality care is critical to improving cancer outcomes. While this country has many of the elements required to collect, analyse and publish information; there are also deficiencies in cancer intelligence. This document sets out plans to tackle these deficiencies and sets out aspirations."

The document was produced by the NCIN, following a commitment made by the Department of Health to the Public Accounts Committee in May 2011. 

In case you are not aware: "The NCIN is a UK-wide initiative working to drive improvements in standards of cancer care and clinical outcomes by improving and using the information collected about cancer patients for analysis, publication and research."

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