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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Department of Health Ideascale - Health-related Apps

It's been a while since we checked out the DoH Ideascale site where the Department invited suggestions for healthcare related applications - the call for submissions is now over and the top rated suggestions are:

Moodscope - measuring your state of mind (and alerting friends)  (604 likes, 48 dislikes)

HealthUnlocked - the social network for patients (310 likes, 4 dislikes) - the app for people with food allergies. (283 likes, 16 dislikes)

Reducing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder after sexual assault  (264 likes, 34 dislikes)

We were shocked to discover that our app garnered 0 votes - well at least we can say no-one disliked it! It was:

Pregnancy app "Conception to birth support"

How about a pregnancy app giving "conception to birth" support, with information by month on symptoms, syncing with your calendar to pop-up reminders about GP and midwife appointments, tests and how to prepare for them (e.g. Glucose Tolerance Test) and enabling you to search across multiple forums for similar experiences (e.g. "26 weeks leg cramps") - plus links to NHS choices for maternity services in your area (pre-natal ward visits, user feedback on services)...
It doesn't seem vastly different to others which have been 'liked' in some degree - such as

You and Your Pregnancy

A step by step guide through each day of your pregnancy

So where did we go wrong? Anyhow, some great ideas on there and well worth using the search to see what's there relating to your area of interest.

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