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Monday, September 12, 2011

RIN/JISC Data Centres report

On getting to grips with the RIN / JISC data centres report we can further entice you to check it out noting that whilst the report is not aimed solely at biomedical researchers, the Data Centres included in the study number amongst them the:

National Cancer Data Repository
European Bioinformatics Institute
Economic and Social Data Repository
Chemical Database Service

and that the UK research funders in the study include:

Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council
Cancer Research UK
Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council
Economic and Social Research Council
Medical Research Council
Natural Environment Research Council
Science and Technology Facilities Council
Wellcome Trust

The report looks at the reuse of datasets (considered as a primary research output) alone or in combination, at the data centres which are facilitating this usage and at the researchers who are making use of these facilities.

The high-level finding is that "Overall, usage of data centres is high, with most centres supporting thousands of researchers and millions of downloads each year."

Also that "most researchers felt that data centres had improved the culture of data sharing within their research field" and "the most widely-agreed benefit of data centres is research efficiency. Data centres make research quicker, easier and cheaper, and ensure that work is not repeated unnecessarily."

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