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Friday, September 30, 2011

BMC Bioinformatics - CloVR, automated sequence analysis using cloud computing

We came across this article earlier today in a journal which, to our shame, we haven't previously been aware of: BMC Bioinformatics - impact factor 3.03.

The background to the article states that "Next-generation sequencing technologies have decentralized sequence acquisition, increasing the demand for new bioinformatics tools that are easy to use, portable across multiple platforms, and scalable for high-throughput applications." Well, we can't argue with that - so we read on with interest about Cloud Virtual Resource, CloVR, a new desktop application for push-button automated sequence analysis that can utilize cloud computing resources - the key point for us being: "The CloVR VM runs on a personal computer, utilizes local computer resources and requires minimal installation, addressing key challenges in deploying bioinformatics workflows."

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