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Friday, May 27, 2011

Catalogues of Clinical Data - MRC Data Support Service

The MRC is launching the first stage of a new Data Support Service. The Data Support Service will enable population researchers to make the best possible use of data assets for new science without unnecessarily duplicating expensive resources.

A catalogue of MRC-funded population studies with supporting metadata is due to be published in spring 2011 which will enable users to easily identify MRC-funded population data relevant to their research interests and to reliably assess their usability for their needs from the description of the data. Additionally the site will identify how to obtain access to and conditions of use for these.

If you are a collaborative creator and custodian of MRC-funded data, the service will enable you to devise a credible Unit/study policy and strategy to enable sharing and preservation and to provide access to external users in a timely, efficient, ethical and responsible manner. Assistance will be provided to easily describe the data, for instance how they were collected and processed.

Click here for further information from the MRC.

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